Fei Tswei Chardonnay 2017

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Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay

Alcohol: 12.5% vol

Tasting Note:

The wine is light lemon yellow, the aroma is like flowers, citrus, honey and hawthorn. The body is rich and delicate with fresh and crispy finish.
Food Pairing:
This Chardonnay can pair well with any seafood or sashimi as it can make a good balance between the acidity, umami and the fattiness. Also it can be served with Spicy Sichuan hotpot, the fruitiness of the wine can calm the burning feeling in the month.
Chill it before drinking.

Our winery and vineyards are located in the golden zone of grape cultivation in China, Helan Mountains, Ningxia, the city of Yinchuan. Here was the birthplace of the ancient and mysterious XiXia Empire, which lasted between 1038-1227A.D. “Revere the land, Respect the land, Return to the land” is our firm belief and leading us to produce wines in a healthy and organic way. The irrigation of Yellow River give a complex flavor to the wines.
Only 18,000 bottles available annually.

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