About Us

Our Name & Mission

Jade, it is also called Fei Tswei in Chinese and representing the “Spirit of the Heaven and Earth”. The reason why we use Fei Tswei as the name of our winery and wine is our firm belief in wine making that “Revere the land, Respect the land, Return ro the land”. We treat our land as precious as Fei Tswei to minimize the chemical practice so that we can grow the best grapes from it and make the best, the healthiest wine from those grapes.

Our Location & History

Our winery is located at the perfect site at the Helan Mountains region in Ningxia, in the city of Yinchuan. Here was the birthplace of the ancient and mysterious XiXia Empire, which lasted between 1038-1227A.D. It occupied one of the most important position along the Silk Road between North China and Central Asia. Till this day, people’s fascination with this great culture has never ceased. Remnants of this great empire still could be found in the XiXia Imperial Tombs today, which rest mostly intact at the Helan mountains foothill. Just 5 km Southeast of the tombs, we found the perfect site for viticulture. Thus begins the journey of the Fei Tswei winery.

西夏王陵:东方金字塔(图) _新浪旅游_新浪网

Picture Reference: Sina Travel

Our Terroir & Vineyard

Fei Tswei Winery is located in the Huangyangtan Farm No. 3 District of Ningxia Farming Group, near southern tip of the Helan Mountains. Since its inception, our vineyard has undergone stringent soil improvement, variety selection, seedling procurement, as well as the construction of production and storage facilities. Between 2013 to 2019, 1236 mu (approximately 203 acres) of vineyard has been planted in 3 stages, which consists of 72 sub-plots arranged by grape variety and micro-environments. Strict implementation of different targeted planting schemes were carried out to maximize the unique land form of each plot. We have also included and experimental planting area of 56 mu (9 acres for testing new varieties. Organic composting area is 20mu, which realizes the recycling of biological materials.


The Climate

Yinchuan has a temperate continental climate with abundant sunshine, scarce rainfall, and a large temperature fluctuation between day and night. Annual average temperature remains around 8.5 °C. Total hours of sunshine fall between 2,800 to 3,000 hours, which is almost the highest within China. The annual average precipitation is about 200mm, the frost-free period is about 180 days, and the accumulated temperature is 3,300°C.

Helan Mountains act as a natural barrier against the Siberian cold front, and the unique climate regulation formed between the mountains and Yellow River suppress the growth of pests and diseases, while also keeping the area pollution-free. As such, the aroma and phenolic substances of vines in Ningxia can fully develop, producing high quality grapes that are rich in aroma with moderate acidity and high in sugar  content.


Winery Design & Architecture

The winery was designed with the intention of merging the local environment and culture into the building and landscape. Careful selection of indigenous plantings has been planted throughout the garden. The design of Fei Tswei Winery is inspired by the Uluru Rock in Australia, which is a dazzling and brilliant existence in the middle of the desert and merge into the natural environment harmoniously.


There are 2 underground spaces under the main building, a 1400 Cellar and a 1700 fermentation room. Under a series of energy saving plan, the underground wine cellar maintains an optimal temperature and humidity throughout a year in order to store 1,000 oak barrels and 200,000 bottles of wine in a perfect condition but also achieve the environmental sustainability coincidentally.


Our Wine

We are producing a range of wines from 11 grape varieties. Dry red, dry white, rose, sparkling wine as well as the spirits. All the grapes are handpicked and undergo a manual selection process before pressing. The latest French equipment were imported to handle the wine production too.